Massage and Reiki in Buckinghamshire


Reiki is a ancient natural form of hands on, or hands off healing, that has been passed down through the centuries, it originated in Japan, by a Buddhist monk called Miko Usui. The word Reiki was created by Miko Usui, which means Universal Life Force energy, this energy is a natural free flowing energy that is channelled through all humans and animals alike.

Reiki is a holistic treatment; it works on the physical symptoms, but also the mental, emotional and spiritual level, balancing them all in harmony, to create the ideal condition for the body to heal itself. It heals the whole person.

In Reiki you leave your clothes on, and Reiki is applied either hands on or hands off, to the body, and the universal energy is channelled to all areas of the body to heal. It is a very relaxing, gentle and enjoyable experience, and very beneficial. It will leave you feeling positive, and in a state of well being, and in harmony and balanced within your whole body. Reiki can also be applied to animals.

Reiki is a complimentary therapy, which can be used as a supplement alongside conventional medicine. Reiki Therapists are not licensed to diagnose or cure medical conditions or replace medical conditions. Reiki Therapists work to a strict code of ethics.

Reiki Clients Reviews.

“I feel so relaxed and the pain has gone.”
“ Your hands are so hot and I could feel the energy pressing into my back”
“ It was like being in the sun, and now I am in the shade.”
“ I have never felt so relaxed and I have had the best sleep ever”.

Holistic Massage.

Holistic massage is an oil based massage, where the massage is the manipulation of the soft body tissue, such as muscle, where the hands are used to apply deep pressure or soft pressure to the areas of the body. Holistic massage is a wonderful treatment, and has numerous benefits both physical and emotional, it will help restore muscle fatigue, increase blood circulation and help with aches and pain in the body, it will leave you feeling relaxed, refreshed, and balanced within your own body.

Massage Clients Reviews.

“This was the most relaxing and stress released massage I have had for a long time.”
“ Best massage I have had this month, and I have had 2 already elsewhere, I feel I can take on the world now..”
“ Perfect pressure throughout, a wonderful massage, I did not want it to end.”
“She worked with me, and listened to me, loved the massage..

What I offer.

Massage Reiki.
Animal Reiki
Angel card readings
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Therapies offered.

Mobile Massage
Mobile Reiki
Mobile Animal Reiki
Mobile Angel card readings